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What people say

Here are a selection of feedback quotes from various school events:

Feedback from a parent regarding Home-School diary communication:

'I wanted to let you know that I think the Active Reading stickers in the home school diary are really helpful (from a teacher and from a parent's point of view). I have already shared the idea with our English coordinator! She has said that she would love to link up with another enthusiastic and creative English coordinator...'   'Thank you for all you do for [my child]. She is very lucky to have you as her teacher.' (October 2016)

Class Assembly Feedback from a parent:

'Y5 performed a fantastic assembly. It was wonderful to see the talents of all of the children – incredible violin playing and dancing, singing and children ably spreading the message of belonging. I loved it and, by the looks of it, so did the children!' (October 2016)

Key Stage 2 Maths Café Feedback:

“Very pleased, I came with my child for the first time and I found it very fun and interesting. I would be happy to attend again”

“Extremely well organised session. I have tried to understand partitioning for ages- this session has nailed my ability to retain the theory. I would like to have multiplication taught and learned with as much ease! Thank-you”

“We really enjoyed our time together learning maths”

“Fab session. Learned a few things I was not aware of and will definitely use at home!” 

“I really liked the class because I think it’s really important to learn the function and values of numbers and because it’s something we can do at home as well. Thank you” 


Feedback from a member of the public when Y6 went to watch The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre on Weds 18th May 2016:


“I felt I just had to email you and congratulate your pupils attending the Lyceum Theatre today. My husband and I sat just behind them and their behaviour was excellent - the teachers in control at all times. The children spoke to us in the interval telling us about their school. You can be proud of them.” (Barbara Delaney)


Comments from Granton Admissions

‘Upon visiting Granton Primary School, we were impressed with the strong community ethos and excellent standards of teaching. The size of the school is appealing and one in which our son would thrive in, both academically and socially.’


‘I feel that my daughter would thrive academically in your school. She is a fast learner, confident and outgoing; I feel her potential would be recognised and encouraged at your school.’


‘It's a fantastic school with a lovely environment and great kids (as well as being convenient for our family)’


‘Granton was a little hidden gem for us, we saw this school after visiting several others and the difference was phenomenal. Once again the school have created a calming environment for students to learn in, the facilities were exceptional and the children and staff who showed us around were very impressive.’


‘GRANTON primary school is excellent and near’


‘We were really impressed with the open day.’


‘My wife and I thought this school was the most well-balanced of the schools we visited, with a strong focus on academia, good sporting facilities and a warm and loving environment. The head teacher was extremely engaging and highly dedicated to seeking constant improvement. The children and staff seemed happy and polite and we liked the fact that the years five and six were schooled in a separate building, potentially encouraging the beginning of the mature traits they will require in secondary school. We feel that this school will be best suited to develop our daughter and harness her potential.’


‘Of all the schools in our surrounding area, Granton stands out as a beacon in this community and seems very appropriate for Tre specifically due to the multicultural pupils and staff, the outstanding premises and school location. It is also in close proximity to our home and close relatives.’


Lambeth Teaching Schools Alliance- Peer review

November 2015


‘The Curriculum is broad and balanced and highly effective. Pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development together with the promotion of fundamental British values is at the heart of curriculum planning and practice.’


‘ The practice of pupil involvement into the Curriculum through devising questions as well as their regular reflection on progress is very strong.’


‘To extend the Curriculum provision, a range of high quality extra curricular activities are planned and delivered. The school has built and developed its links with a number of providers for example the Southbank Centre.’


‘ Teachers demonstrate strong knowledge and understanding of the subjects they teach. They use assessment information well to inform planning and practice, so that they know where to target pupils’ next steps of learning.’


‘Well planned teaching sequences allow for teachers to introduce subject content progressively. They provide opportunities to practise and consolidate skills.’


‘ Behaviour is a strength. This is a result of the high expectations and engaging curriculum.’


‘The curriculum is a strength- The whole school themes are underpinned by Global Citizenship themes. This is evident throughout the school. The curriculum positively celebrates cultural differences… The engagement of pupils in the planning of questions, their reflection on learning is having a significant impact on their personal wellbeing as well as their academic achievements.’


Meet the teacher event:

‘Useful and informative . I was impressed by the professionality and warmth of all teachers.’


’ It was great. Thank you for organising it. The information was clear and well delivered.’


Home learning- Pupil voice:

’Home learning is really fun because I get to spend time planning it with Mum & Dad and then even share it with my class…we all love that.’ ‘ I really love it when I’ve really tried hard with something and then it helps me at school.’ (Y3)


Topic- pupil voice:

‘I loved doing our Adinkra fashion show because we got to see what everybody else had been doing as well as sharing our special symbols. We were proud of those because they represented us.’


‘I think that my learning is good in topic work because it’s really interesting…I researched loads for my home learning and then I was really excited to share it with my class.’


‘ Learning about the Magna Carta was really important because we need to know what happened in the past and compare it with how things are today. When we made our own class charters, we all had to agree to it; it’s all of ours…we own it. We’ve all signed it and that makes us feel important.’



End product for Term 3&4- Share learning with the community:


‘The children have done an amazing amount of work; the museum was incredibly informative. The children displayed such diversity with their knowledge and ability to relate their own experiences with those from the past.’


‘ A wonderful experience and a very eloquent group of children.’


’I am very impressed with the amount of effort that the children have put into this work which is of such a high standard.’


’What a great museum. All the children know so much and are extremely confident in sharing their learning.’



Residency at Southbank- pupil voice:


‘It’s brilliant because nobody in my family ever knew about Gamelan and now I can even play it! I’ve told them all about it,’ Thomas Y2



Enterprise project- pupil voice:


‘It’s really good because not only do we get to share our ideas but we use learning skills for the future. It’s like we mix our maths with real life and that makes sense.’ Lilly Y4


‘Making and selling things to do with the continents helped us learn more about communities around the world.’ Bryan Y4



Learning Ambassadors- pupil voice:

‘It’s a great responsibility but I am proud to be the Learning Ambassador for my class. It helps me focus on what I’m learning too.’ Zara Y4


Curriculum Café

‘The engagement of pupils in the planning of questions, their reflection on learning is having a significant impact on their personal wellbeing as well as their academic achievements.’


‘The school provides a motivating and meaningful curriculum that incorporates pupils’ interests and provides rich extra-curricular experiences for them.’


‘Behaviour is a strength. This is a result of the high expectations and engaging curriculum.’


‘The curriculum exceptionally promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and this has created a strong ethos of respect among them.’


‘Well planned teaching sequences allow for teachers to introduce subject content progressively. They provide opportunities to practice and consolidate skills.’


Extract from the NACE Challenge Award Report (October 2015)

"The ethos within the school is one of challenge fulfilling potential and both creating and taking full advantage of a wide variety of educational opportunities; pupils say that they are never bored!"

"Parents are very pleased with how the school supports and challenges their more able children and with the support they as parents get from the school.  They told me that the school has very efficient methods of communicating with them and that the staff are completely approachable and helpful.  They expressed a very high degree of satisfaction with everything going on in the school.  They told me that "it is cool to be clever" at Granton."

"Achievements in a whole range of areas of ability and talent are recognised, valued and celebrated, and both parents and pupils told me how "everyone in the school gets encouraged to be their best!"

CLICK HERE to read the full report.