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Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2017

2016- 2017 How the Pupil Premium allocation was spent

In 2016/2017 the allocation for Pupil Premium was £259,007.70

Granton spent the PP allocation in a number of ways which support the “whole child” – with a pastoral approach which incorporates many aspects of welfare and safeguarding.

Family Support and Pastoral Care

We funded a full-time non-teaching Family Support Leader (FSL) and a full-time Family Support Manager.

The Family Support and Pastoral Care team work closely with the Inclusion Leader and the EAL co-ordinator, both of whom are full-time, working across the school. Close teamwork allows a maximum of referrals and signposting for issues relating to:

Financial Support; Housing; Mental Health ; Domestic Violence ; Substance Abuse; Respite; Parenting; Attendance; Social Isolation 

Where the needs are complex the family may be referred to Early Help, the first point of call for Social Care.

The FSL and the Inclusion Leader are very much involved with Social Care, attending Case Conferences and Core Group Meetings.

Housing is a critical need in the borough and as far as possible, we liaise with Housing in Lambeth and in neighbouring boroughs, in cases where we can support a family in need. We also refer to Shelter.

Respite sometimes includes short breaks for the Young Carers. Charities providing such respite include:

Holiday Venture Group; Mothers’ Union Family Caravan Holiday; Honeypot

We refer families to the local Food Bank, issuing Food Vouchers when required, in times of financial crisis.

The Family Support and Pastoral Care team offer substantial support every year for parents with regards to transition to and from Primary school:

On-line Primary applications; Y6 Secondary transfer applications; in –year applications.

Family Learning

The Family Support and Pastoral Care team set up many experiences for all families in the school to engage in Family Learning. Courses offered at Granton during 2016-17 included:

Family Photography Course; Parent Choir; Parenting in the Digital Age (We work in partnership with “Digital Schools”).

Learning Cafes (Maths, Reading, Science) offer a platform to support parents wishing to engage with their child’s Learning. We fund cover for teachers to run these cafes.

Child-based support and intervention - Enrichment activities

We are one of only 6 Southbank Associate Schools, and many creative activities and trips take place throughout the year, benefiting all children in the school.

For example, in preparation for the Imagine Festival at the Southbank during February 2017, 3 members of staff accompanied 15 children over a period of 5 days to plan and action a Children’s Take Over day. This year all the children involved were PPG.

In Spring 2017 we took a large number of children in the school choir to the Southbank for performances.

In Autumn 2016 we offered “Forest School” to all Y2 classes (1 day per week for 6 weeks) which enabled children to spend quality time learning in a natural outdoor environment. As a follow-up we offered 1 eve pw Forest School club to Y2 and Y5 (Spring 2017).

We took a small group of PPG children for 1 day to Sky Studios.

In-school emotional support

Key worker/Drop-ins/Drawing and Talking Therapy

We use a key worker to support children with their emotional needs. Both the FSL and a trained Teaching Assistant use Drawing and Talking Therapy to work with individuals who require consistent support. We also provide daily “drop-in” sessions for children who benefit from a key-worker to check on their well-being or just offer a friendly face to greet them.


We engage the services of a trained Counsellor who works at Granton 1 day pw with children from Y4 to Y6, on a 1-1 and small group basis.

Funded places

We subsidise a number of children (currently up to 10) for wrap-around care when the families are in financial need, or when the child is “Looked After”.

Each year we subsidise in conjunction with Walcott, a number of children to go on the Y5 1-week Farm Trip. We also give financial assistance to some children for a 1 day local farm trip. We assist some children with the Y6 PGL 4 day trip also in conjunction with Walcott

We subsidise a small number of places for after-school care, or paid breakfast club.


Home Learning Lunchtime Support

One of the Assistant Heads offered Home Learning Support which on a daily basis during the lunch hour. This was used by a group of 15 students, regularly many of whom are targeted Pupil Premium children.


Granton invests in extra teachers for Y6. We have, and had last year, 60 children divided into 3 classes, with 3 Teaching Assistants to ensure each child gets the maximum coaching and quality teacher time.

Furthermore Granton has 3 non class-based Phase Leaders. This means that continuity of teaching can be maintained in the event of illness or when teachers are out of school on training. This reduces the need for external supply teachers, which benefits all children and impacts positively on their emotional well being as well as their academic achievements.

As well as the pastoral Care Leader mentioned above, and the FT Pastoral care manager who supports her in her work, Granton has a full-time Inclusion Leader. Last year She led a team of 14 SEN TAs, who are both full and part time. Many of these TAs contributed significantly to particular areas of learning support:

SALT, Sensory Room, ASD provision, Buddy Training, Library, Dyslexia screening.

Granton also has a full-time EAL co-ordinator and a bilingual EAL Teaching Assistant. The EAL team provide a huge range of support for all EAL learning including 6-week blocks of intervention for newly arrived and under-achieving EAL learners (3 hrs pw for 6 weeks); support in class for small groups, support for all teachers with planning for EAL in the curriculum, team-teaching, support with assessment and monitoring of progress.

Peer Mediation (Buddy Training)

We have a very healthy Buddy training system which benefits the whole school but in particular skills up to Y5 and Y6 in preparation for the wider world. Students have 1 hour of training each week by an HLTA and a TA, who liaise with Healthy Minds Organisation and who have been instrumental in sharing their expertise in other schools.

Y6 Early start and Breakfast.

The whole of Y6 are required to start school at 8.00 a.m. an hour earlier than the rest of the school. This entails extra staffing, and the provision of breakfast for all students in Y6. This early start benefits all Y6 students and in particular the Pupil premium students, in a number of ways –by offering:

PE, Science and Taekwondo; breakfast for all; access to warm dry and safe premises; the benefit of an early start in preparation for Secondary school transfer; improved and prompt attendance

Sensory Room

We have a Sensory room which is in use constantly. This benefits not only the children with Sensory needs/ASD but also offers a comfort haven for children who need to have time out, to reflect, to confide or just to enjoy the experiences provided by the bubble tube, the lights, music and the soft furnishings 


Granton runs an excellent library facility which is available to all classes during the afternoon on a timetabled basis, to all students and families after school, and to all students’ families and the local community on a Saturday morning for 3 hours. We fund a member of staff to run the library during the afternoon and after school from Mon to Friday, and we fund 2 members of staff for Saturday morning. We offer access to ICT facilities in the library. This year 2017 we targetted families who are PPG eligible, in order to increase Library use and hence reading ages, for particular children.

Impact of the Pupil premium Grant.

The following data was taken from -

Analysing Schools Performance- Inspection Data Summary report, unamended, 7 Nov 2017.

KS1: In July 2017, in Reading and Writing, disadvantaged pupils achieved lower than national, at both expected and higher standard.

In Maths, they achieved lower than national, in expected, but higher than national at greater depth.

In Science they achieved lower than national.

In Phonics Y1 – disadvantaged pupils were higher than National (a 3 year trend)

In Phonics Y2 - disadvantaged pupils were lower than National

KS2: In July 2017, in Writing and Mathematics disadvantaged pupils achieved better than, and made better progress than, other pupils nationally.

In Reading, progress and attainment was lower than national.

For Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) disadvantaged students achieved higher than national at both expected and higher standard.

In Science (Teacher assessed) they achieved higher than national.

The above data shows that Granton is effective in helping students who have a low starting point, to catch up. Reading is a whole-school focus for this current year (2017-18).

External Validation

Ofsted judged Granton to be outstanding in July 2017.

“Disadvantaged pupils and those who speak English as an additional language achieve at a similar level to other pupils. Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities achieve well”


“Additional funding to support disadvantaged pupils is used exceptionally well and they do at least as well as, and often better than, other pupils nationally. They share the same high aspirations as other pupils in the school.”


In July 2017 we were awarded the IQM – the Inclusion Quality Mark, for the second time (previously 2014).