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School Meals

School meals are provided by ISS

Cost of School Meals
As from September 2015 the cost of the two-course meal will be £2.10 per day, £10.50 per week.  School meals must be paid in advance on a weekly basis. 

Term Start Date Finish Date Number of Days Price of Meals
 Term 1  Tuesday 4th September 2018  Friday 19th October 2018 34 days £71.40
 Term 2 Monday 29th October 2018 Friday 14th December 2018 35 days £73.50
Term 3  Monday 7th January 2019  Friday 15th February 2019 30 days £63.00
 Term 4  Monday 25th February 2019 Friday 12th April 2019 35 days £73.50
 Term 5 Monday 29th April 2019  Friday 24th May 2019 19 days £39.90
 Term 6 Monday 3rd June 2019 Tuesday 23rd July 2019 37 days £77.70

What’s for lunch?

CLICK HERE to view our School Menu*

*Depending on the availability of produce, menus may change without notice.

Free Schools Meals

To see if your child qualifies for free school meals please contact the school office, who will deal with your request confidentially.

Paying for School Meals

You can pay for school meals via ParentMail and through the school's bank account. Please contact the school office, who will provide you with details on how to pay.

 Dietary Requirements

If your child has any allergy and, or intolerance, then please complete the form below:

ISS Education Special Diet Consent Form

and return it to the school office.

If you require more information regarding ISS or our school menus please CLICK HERE for ISS contact details.