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International Schools Award- Report






Congratulations on achieving the International School Award 2014-2017







Dear International Coordinator,


Thank you for submitting your Impact Evaluation of international learning activities. We are delighted to inform you that Granton Primary School has been successful in gaining the International School Award and is accredited for three years from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2017.


Here are some of the assessor’s comments on your Impact Evaluation, to highlight where your application was particularly impressive and points to take note of as you continue to develop the international dimension in your school:


This is an outstanding Impact Evaluation. It is balanced and well-presented and it is very encouraging to see how your activity is completely cross-curricular and how you link them so appropriately to relevant global themes that you have incorporatedvery fluently into what is equally excellent work. Your ability to embed internationalism into clearly defined areas of your curriculum in such an apparently effortless manner clearly demonstrates your commitment to introducing and maintaining excellent practice across the board. Your whole cross-curricular approach to your work and the way you have introduced your activities and global themes are a testimony to the positive difference that engaging with the ISA has had on your curriculum andschool ethos. You have also ensured that the quality and details of your work on international learning remain consistent with the requirements of the ISA. What is also encouraging is the fact that you are in no way complacent about the scale of work that is still required even though you have gone a very great distance in embracing international education. The activities you have delivered fit very well into the fabric of the curriculum and this is what the ISA at your level requires. Your school is an excellent example of how to guide your international work through a clearly planned directed and delivered set of activities across a logical cross-curricular platform. Having said all the above, as an additional tip, you may find it helpful to look back, at regular intervals, at the work you have done through the earlier stages of the ISA (especially keeping track of the relationship between curriculum areas and global themes) in order to maintain sight of the valuable expertise thatyou would have acquired in order to attain the full award in the first place. You will then be reminded of the need to identify and assign as many relevant global themes as possible to each of your cross-curricular activities in order to make an accurate assessment of how far the ethos of internationalism has truly penetrated your curriculum at every level. Your partnerships with your international partner schools are well grounded and offer superb opportunities for collaboration over many interesting topics and projects as you have shown and add weight and impact to your work. In terms of your appropriate use of a foreign language as a vehicle for exploring international themes, your international partner schools offer good opportunitie


Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as the International Co-ordinator. You are a credit to the school and the wider community.


We will be sending you a certificate of achievement by post in the next few weeks. If the name of your school or your head teacher has changed since you submitted your action plan then please inform us at to ensure we have the correct information for your certificate of achievement.


The scheme kite mark, which is a key part of the Award, and press release template will be sent with a separate email.


To renew your accreditation in three years’ time you will need to submit an application in the 2016/17 academic year. We will contact you nearer the time to confirm the re-accreditation process. Further information is available from the British Council Schools Online website.


We hope that the scope of your excellent international activities will continue to develop and benefit the school community; your support, commitment, creativity and innovative international work is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for taking part in the International School Award. Please convey our very best wishes and many congratulations to all staff and students both in the UK and overseas who have taken part in the scheme. Please also contact your local media to inform them about your successful international work - this is a great achievement and one that deserves celebrating and sharing widely.

Kind regards


International School Award team

British Council