GSO Test

Early Years Foundation Stage

* In the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum there are:

o 7 areas of learning

o Different aspects within in each area of learning (e.g. within the area of learning entitled Communication and Language, the aspects within this are Listening and Attention, Understanding and Speaking).

o 17 aspects altogether

o 17 Early Learning Goals (one for each aspect)


* At the end of Reception, we record each child’s level using the following scoring system:

o 1 – Emerging (working towards to the ELG)

o 2 – Expected (achieved the ELG)

o 3 – Exceeding (working above the ELG)


* The expected score at the end of reception is 34 points.  A score of 2 (expected) will be needed in every area/aspect of learning to obtain this.

* A Good Level of Development (GLD) is 24 points in total including  a score of 2 (expected) in Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (C&L), Physical Development (PD), Literacy and Mathematics.

* Children make outstanding progress in the time that they are in our EYFS. 

* Year on year, we have made significant gains in the % of children achieving the expected or exceeding level of development in all aspects of learning by the end of the year.

CLICK HERE to see the percentage of children achieving the Good Level of Development each year from 2013 to 2017.