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Curriculum intent

The Granton Curriculum follows the structure, and matches the ambition of the national Curriculum in England. Leaders and teachers have worked collectively to design a coherent, sequential curriculum covering all core and foundation subjects. We intend to deliver this curriculum at the highest standards to enable ALL of our pupils to acquire sufficient knowledge they need to be successful in their next stage of education.

Granton Primary School’s curriculum places the learning journey of ALL of our pupils at its very heart.  Our curriculum aims to promote curiosity and to instil in them a strong passion for learning and enquiry. We build children’s aspirations demonstrating possibilities for their future lives, and the rigour of our curriculum supports this aim. Our values as the Granton Family underpin all that we do in school fostering independence, interdependence and resilience. We have high expectations in developing our pupils’ speech, language and communication skills. This focus strengthens our pupils’ ability to learn at a deeper level, allowing them to articulate their learning. Additionally, our curriculum allows for our pupils to demonstrate high quality thinking and to apply skills and knowledge confidently and competently. Physical and mental wellbeing are prioritised within our curriculum allowing children opportunities to exhibit spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding. We consider our duty to foster equality, ensuring our curriculum addresses disadvantage and aspires to close the gap.



Curriculum Implementation

Using expertise and passion for subjects they lead, leaders have carefully designed a holistic curriculum which balances the national expectations and an all- encompassing range of experiences allowing our children to flourish. Strategic planning allows the curriculum to be a dynamic structure through which pupils enjoy, progress, and excel.  

The Granton Primary School curriculum has high expectations to combine deep knowledge and understanding with transferable skills. It is delivered with the intent of allowing pupils to develop a wide breadth of vocabulary and opportunities to apply knowledge and skills across the curriculum. This is supported by inviting classroom environments which stimulate and engage quality thinking and reasoning. Teaching and learning is responsive to children’s needs; teachers displaying a deep understanding of effective pedagogy.  

Through the school’s approach to home learning, pupils are provided with opportunities to deepen their learning further. Tapping into their research skills and the wide range of experiences emanating from home and society, our pupils are expected to produce home learning outputs on a regular basis.


Curriculum impact

At Granton Primary School, we use a wide range of monitoring strategies throughout the year to measure the impact of the curriculum content, design, and approach. Leadership at all levels monitor individual subjects: reviewing learning, evaluating pupil voice, providing individual feedback to move practice forward, celebrating positives and highlighting areas of development. Teachers use assessment for learning strategies to evaluate, adjust, and maximise the impact of the curriculum on pupil outcomes. Our whole school team strengthens our ethos and vision as we work together to reflect upon our curriculum and share outcomes driving forward next steps. In doing so, we take into account the outcomes of various monitoring activities together with available summative assessment information

As a diverse and multi-cultural school community, we believe our children possess unique talents, skills and qualities. As such, they have the right to succeed, the right to recognise their own greatness and the right to develop who they are in a respectful and nurturing environment. Our school ethos is firmly rooted in our values with a love of learning being the foundation of everything we do, so that we really are a community of learners, proudly achieving ‘Excellence for All’ as one Granton Family.


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