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After School Clubs - Term 1 & 2 - 17/18

Here are a list of clubs, times, costs. The clubs will start the week commencing Monday 18th September 2017 and the last club will end on Friday 1st December 2017, a total of 9 or 10 weeks excluding half term. Parent’s evenings have been factored in and a deduction for clubs held on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been applied.


You will be able to book the clubs from Tuesday 12th September 2017 in the morning from 8.55am-9.15am, afterschool from 3.15pm-3.30pm in the upper KS2 building opposite the Library and online through ParentMail.

If your child attends breakfast club you can leave payment and completed form in a sealed envelope with YPM staff only! Envelopes will be collected from YPM staff at 8.30am on Tuesday 12th September 2017. Please collect your receipt from YPM staff.

The Office staff or any other staff will not be accepting forms or payment.

Payment is cash or cheque and will only be accepted with a completed form, please bring the exact money as change cannot always be given.

You will receive a receipt for payment as confirmation of your child’s place.


Tuesday                   Year Group              Time                                      Price                         

Gymnastics               Rec/Y1                       3.15-5.00pm                         £41.00 (9 weeks)

Arts & Crafts              Y1/2                           3.15-4.30pm                         £36.00 (9 weeks)



Gymnastics               Y2/3/4                         3.15-5.00pm                          £45.00 (10 weeks)

Football                      Y1/2                           3.15-4.30pm                          £45.00 (10 weeks)



Ballet                          Y1/2                            3.15-4.15pm                          £41.00 (9 weeks)

(Rec will be added to this class in terms 3 & 4)


Gymnastics               Y5/6                            3.15-4.45pm                           £38.00 (10 weeks)

Drama                        Y1/2/3                         3.15-4.15pm                          £45.00 (10 weeks)

Football                      Y3/4                            3.15-4.30pm                          £45.00 (10 weeks)


After School Club

Behaviour and responsibilities


The After School Clubs will start on Monday 18th September 2017 and all the clubs will finish on Friday 1st December 2017, excluding half terms. Clubs will start as normal following a half term and these dates will be available on our website. Please make a note of the dates for your own reference, as these clubs run for 9 or 10 weeks

 In the unfortunate event that clubs have to be cancelled we will inform you via text message, so please ensure the school office has an up to date contact details for you. Any cancellations will be rescheduled into December 2017.

 We want our Children at Granton to thrive, learn new skills and have fun at our after school clubs, therefore it is necessary for us to outline what is expected from all.


  • The children are expected to maintain good behaviour and attitude towards each other and staff at all times.
  • Staff are to maintain their highest level of professionalism and standards whether a direct Granton employee or contracted by the school.
  • Parents/Carers are expected to uphold the Parent/Carer Code of Conduct signed by every parent/carer.
  • To ensure their Child is collected on time for each session; this also applies to any persons collecting your child on your behalf. If there are two or more late collections your child’s place in any club can be withdrawn without refund.


No adults are allowed on site during any of the after school clubs and all parents/carers are to wait at the side gate or reception for collection. This is to create a safe and controlled environment for the safety of all children on the premises.

 If behaviour from the Children or Parents/Carers is unsatisfactory, the Child’s place in any club will be withdrawn, without refund.

 If you have any queries about any issues regarding the after school clubs run at Granton please contact Laura Osborne-Smith.