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Year 2

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Friday 9th June 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you all enjoyed a relaxing break and are raring to go. This letter is to inform you about our learning in the Summer Term and other additional information.


Topic: Our curriculum will be centred around our whole school topic of ‘The Environment’. Your children have decided that they would like to discover exciting things about our chosen continent, Asia.  We will be incorporating this learning into an exciting school Carnival towards the end of term 6.  The children will be exploring Asia through the Arts and this will also fit in well with the home learning this term. In our PSHE lessons we will be doing Drug Education and Relationships. During Science we will be learning all about plants and habitats which links well with our environment topic.


Numeracy:  This term we will be consolidating all of our previous learning. The children will be using their knowledge of x2, x5 and x10 times tables to solve problems and use a range of strategies to add and subtract 2 digit numbers. We will be continuing to use mental arithmetic strategies as well as using pictures to solve division and multiplication facts.  Year 2 will also explore properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes and measure and read scales using measuring equipment such as metre sticks and weighing scales. Our children will be using money to solve problems including giving change. We will also be encouraging our children to explain and provide reasons for their mathematical decisions and choices.  Keep learning and practising using the SATS book which are still available to buy at the office.


Literacy:  During Literacy we will be doing lots of creative writing using images and a range of wonderful picture books, especially texts with an ‘Environment’ theme.  We continue to work on basic sentence rules such as capital letters, full stops, finger spaces between words and checking that it makes sense. In addition to this, we will be focusing on time words, using ‘and’, ‘because’ and ‘so’ to make our sentences more interesting and collecting adventurous and exciting language to use in our own writing.  This term, your child will continue to be given some spellings in their Home School Diaries to practise at home with you. Don’t forget those tricky common exception words that are at the back of your diaries. These will be tested weekly and the children have been improving each week so keep up the great work!


Reminders: Please read as often as possible with your child and remember to comment in their Home School Diary, focusing on their individual reading target.   Each time you write in there, your child will be rewarded with a sticker on their ‘Reading At Home’ bookmark and will earn a house point.  Exciting! Also, remember to check the home diary for the new spellings each week.  PE will be throughout the week, so please bring PE kits in on a Monday and they will be sent home by Friday. Remember to name your child’s white t-shirt, blue shorts/jogging bottoms and trainers/plimsolls.  Your child has been given a new set of challenges and tasks to be completed at home as part of their Home Learning projects (on the back).  Please support your child in completing these challenges on time, as they will be sharing them on the due date.  Our Year 2 e-mail address for digital Home Learning is:


If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Class Teachers                                                                                                                                  

Miss Helen Wilczek               Miss Fiona Lee                             Miss Natalie Derry


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